1 Aug 2005

Striking workers call for Tongan PM to be sacked

5:34 pm on 1 August 2005

Striking public servants in Tonga have now called for the prime minister, Prince 'Ulukalala Lavaka Ata, to be sacked.

Nearly 3,000 workers have been on strike for more than 10 days, protesting against a hefty rise for senior servants and calling for rises of their own.

Earlier, the interim Public Service Association committee had rejected a government offer of 12.5 percent pay rise.

They have been asking for an increase of up to 80 percent.

The PSA secretary, Vuna Fa'otusia, says the workers remain resolute in their demands.

And he says they now have other recommendations as well.

"The last of our recommendations was to dismiss the prime minister and the deputy commissioner for public service and the secretary of finance and the minister of finance. Those are the options that are open to us now. Those are the things that we may go to the distance."

The Interim PSA secretary in Tonga, Vuna Fa'otusia.