30 Jul 2005

Vanuatu marks 25 years of statehood

8:38 am on 30 July 2005

Vanuatu is today marking the 25th anniversary of independence from the joint administration of Britain and France.

The first President in the newly independent Vanuatu was George Sokomanu who admits that some still feel that statehood was rushed into.

But he says for him and others involved in the independence struggle, breaking free from the messiness of the condominium was the only way forward for Vanuatu.

Mr Sokomanu says that in 25 years Vanuatu has come a long way despite some areas of concern, like economic development.

"Certain people in Vanuatu still feel that we rushed the country into independence, and there are still many things to be done. The diversity of the country is such that certain areas have much development going on, and certain areas, they don't. It's not because the government neglects them, but the government is slowly develop."