28 Jul 2005

Port Moresby police plan further action against protesting UPNG students

3:51 pm on 28 July 2005

The Port Moresby police commander says he is planning to search dormitories on the University of Papua New Guinea campus and evict protesting students who've failed to attain the correct grades.

This follows confrontations at the campus on Monday night when police led by the commander, Police Assistant Commissioner Tony Wagambie, fired teargas into four dormitories.

Mr Wagambie rejects reports the police were drunk, and says he cannot confirm reports of serious injuries. He says he was outside at the time and could not see everything that went on.

He says the police acted correctly but will continue to fight fire with fire in regard to the students.

"Well we told them we are going to go into their dormitories and search them room by room and get those hooligans out of their dormitory, put them on the truck and kick them out of the place. Enough is enough, no? This handful of students are holding the rest of the student population to ransom, and we are waiting for the administration to identify those people who are going to be excluded from the school and we're going to go to the dormitories room by room and get them out of there."

Mr Wagambie says there is a mobile police squad camped on the campus to assist the 100-strong campus security guards.