27 Jul 2005

UPNG to impose curfew on students from seven each night

11:11 am on 27 July 2005

The University of Papua New Guinea is to come under a curfew as authorities move to contain student violence.

There has been sporadic violence at the university for more than two weeks with a group of students angry over the way gradings are being done.

A clash with police on Monday resulted in some students needing medical attention.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Les Eastcott, says a small group of students is intimidating others to force them to stay away from classes.

He says the boycott and violence is threatening the continuation of the semester.

Professor Eastcott says Council members and police have agreed to apply a curfew.

"That after seven o'clock at night people are to contain themselves either off campus or within the limits of their residential accommodation areas, and are not to progress onto the academic campus at all. The reason for that latter is the ongoing threat to some fairly vital assets on the academic campus."