26 Jul 2005

American Samoa congressman accuses Pentagon of mismanagement

8:42 am on 26 July 2005

American Samoa's Congressman, Faleomavaega Eni, has accused the Pentagon of mismanagement, in calling up Army Reservists to fight abroad.

Faleomavaega said activating reservists was contrary to their purpose, which was to protect the home front.

The US Department of Defence, activated reservists from the Army and National Guard for the Iraq war, owing to the shortage in the number of active solders needed for active duty.

Faleomavaega said sadly American Samoa had lost six heroes in the conflict.

Last month, Congressman Neil Abercrombie of Hawai'i said the "strain of unending deployments has put unbearable strains on the US military, particularly the Reserves and National Guard."