21 Jul 2005

Tokelau to seek trust fund backing around the world

8:32 pm on 21 July 2005

Tokelau has the backing of the UN as it tries to boost the size of its trust fund.

The New Zealand government appointed administrator for Tokelau, Neil Walter, says, the trust money will provide independence and inter- generational security.

He says the fund now contains around 11 million US dollars after New Zealand paid in another five million US dollars last weeek.

Mr Walter says there is no set limit on how big the fund should be, but New Zealand and Tokelau will shortly launch an international campaign to encourage other countries to contribute.

"we have the fulll backing of the United Nations on that, and the United Nations Development Programme in fact is going to host a mini pledging conference in New York later this year to try and encourage other countries to provide that degree of support to Tokelau."