20 Jul 2005

Many Hawaiian NGO groups oppose Akaka Bill

8:34 pm on 20 July 2005

An NGO in Hawaii says many Hawaiians are vehemently opposed to the bill to grant self rule to native Hawaiians because its racist.

The US senator Daniel Akaka of Hawaii will table the Native Hawaiian bill for debate in the US senate this week.

But the Grassroots Institute of Hawaii director Richard Rowland, says many non government organisations are against it.

He says more consultations are needed on the bill, which he says is for a minority group.

"About 20-percent of the population is of Native Hawaiian ancestry and the bill itself describes the people that will be in a new nation, a separate nation governing entity, will be only native Hawaiian ancestry and that's simply racist."

The Grassroots Institute of Hawaii's Richard Rowland.

If the bill is passed, the US federal government will have to recognise Native Hawaiians in the same way it recognises American Indians and Native Alaskans.