20 Jul 2005

Vice-chancellor of PNG university hopes returning students will overcome intimidation

5:28 pm on 20 July 2005

The vice-chancellor of the Port Moresby-based University of PNG says the extra security now on campus will defuse a sometimes violent protest against his grading policy.

Professor Les Eastcott says the students who stand to lose most from his new grading policy are the same people who've been chasing other students from classes this week.

Professor Les Eastcott says the grading system may be different to other tertiary institutions in PNG, but it's well-established around the world.

"What this system has done is sort out a few students who're not performing very well, and they represent the core of students who are expressing unrest. We have discovered that across the whole university, there are possibly six students that may have been disadvantaged."

Professor Eastcott, is refusing to step aside to allow an independent party to investigate his new grading policy and his motives for introducing it.

A meeting of the university council yesterday resolved that the academic year must continue.