20 Jul 2005

Native Hawaiian bill is expected to pass in the US senate

1:07 pm on 20 July 2005

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement says it's confident that a bill being tabled in the U.S. Senate to grant Hawaiians the right of self-rule, will pass.

Hawaii's senator, Daniel Akaka, will table the Native Hawaiian bill for debate in the senate this week.

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement's, Jade Danner, says the bill is a huge step forward for the indigenous community.

She says the bill would lead to the U.S. recognition of a native governing entity for Hawaiians.

"The right of self determination that really empowers us to perpetuate the culture of our ancestors, and knowledge about our traditions and homeland, so for native hawaiians its really important to have access to that kind of policy and that kind of control over our own destiny so we can ensure our culture lives on for generations to come."

Jade Danner.

But, other non-government organisations in Hawaii are opposing the bill, saying it is racist.