19 Jul 2005

Solomon Islands SICA peace office welcomes planned reconciliation

2:40 pm on 19 July 2005

The SICA peace office in Solomon Islands is welcoming news of a proposed major reconciliation ceremony between Guadalcanal province and the national government.

It will be the first major reconciliation process to occur since the ethnic tension ended with the signing of the Townsville Peace agreement in 2000.

The secretary-general of SICA, Reverend Eric Takila, says the country will be able to move forward once reconciliation is achieved.

"As far as SICA is concerned, we see that it's a very, very positive step in this whole area of reconciliation. We are very supportive of it and we would like to see more of it happening in the Solomon Islands."

Reverend Takila is warning however, that unless the underlying issues over land and justice are resolved, reconciliation will mean little.