14 Jul 2005

Guam police says mayors need more law enforcement training

9:31 pm on 14 July 2005

The acting police chief on Guam, J.G Reyes, says mayors need more training if they are going to use their authority as law enforcers.

This week a village mayor was ticketed and for reckless driving and illegal use of lights after he attempted to pull over a speeding motorist.

However it has since been realised that local law allows mayors to act as law enforcers even though the law is hardly used.

Mr Reyes says if mayors are allowed to act as police they need the same training.

He says the law puts the police in a difficult position.

"That's the law. When they enacted that law apparently they didn't do much research into it because not realising that these village mayors are just ordinary citizens that have been elected to their village as the mayor. They gave them these powers of arrest or pull over powers as peace officers because I guess they requested for it but the trouble is a lot of them have no concept of what it's like to be police."

The acting police chief on Guam, J.G Reyes.