14 Jul 2005

American Samoa senator upset at demonstrators being allowed into senate guest house

9:31 pm on 14 July 2005

An American Samoa senator, Tulifua Lam Yuen, has voiced concern that employees of the American Samoa Power Authority were allowed into the Senate guest house during their demonstration on Monday.

Tulifua said on the Senate floor yesterday he was quite upset to see the respected meeting ground of the Senate being trampled by the demonstrators.

He told the Senate President that allowing the group took away the dignity of the Senate.

Tulifua said other groups who have demonstrated in the past, stood outside the Senate fence and did not enter the Fono grounds.

He suggested that in the future, only leaders of demonstration groups be allowed in.

Senate President Lolo Letalu Moliga responded that he allowed the ASPA employees in because it was important for them to get counsel from the fathers of the territory.