12 Jul 2005

University of PNG students want protest march to parliament

8:21 pm on 12 July 2005

Angry students at the University of Papua New Guinea have told police they now want to take their protest over grading policies, to parliament.

Vice chancellor Professor Eastcott was given until Tuesday to sort out grievances presented in a petition signed by 2-thousand students.

But Assistant police commissioner, Tony Wagambie, says the vice chancellor told students to provide proof of allegations he interfered with student grades.

Students shouted abuse at the vice chancellor's response and are calling for a protest march on Wednesday.

"See the requirement here is that they have to come and tell us, write to us and give us time to meet with them to arrange the march. So with our requirements, the earliest would be 14 days, but we will consider the urgency of it and some common sense will have to prevail here."

Assistant police commissioner, Tony Wagambie says students have also threatened to boycott classes if their grievances aren't addressed.

50 police officers have been patrolling campus since Monday to monitor the situation, when students clashed with security and several staff vehicles were torched.