11 Jul 2005

Vanuatu council of ministers approves new prisons system

8:51 pm on 11 July 2005

Vanuatu's council of ministers has approved the establishment of a new prisons system.

The political advisor to the Minister for Internal Affairs, Joe Carlo, says the new set-up will see the demolition of Vanuatu's main two prison facilities which are over-crowded, outdated and falling apart.

He says the new system, which is due to to commence in 2006, will see a main correctional services unit built which is isolated from the urban area.

"It'll also provide for proper correctional services in that the prisoners will be able to undergo certain training programmes to be able to assimilate back into the community. It'll also provide ample areas for the prisoners to be able to learn farming and whatever ."

Joe Carlo says the government is receiving assistance frmo the New Zealand High Commission in the new prisons project.