6 Jul 2005

Former PNG speaker labels government systems as corrupt

3:56 pm on 6 July 2005

A former speaker and governor-general of Papua New Guinea has described government systems and line agencies in the country as corrupt and working in isolation.

The Post Courier reports that speaking at the gun summit in Goroka, Sir Barry Holloway said the government had been totally disconnected from the people.

Sir Barry said there is corruption and gross mismanagement at the higher levels while budget allocations are not reaching the districts.

He also accused the police force of being corrupt over the past 30 years and failing to mobilise to save the country.

Sir Barry said because police have failed in their duties, no leader implicated had been prosecuted or convicted.

He said the country seems to have two sets of laws, one for the grassroots and another for the well-to-do.

The former politican also blamed the Treasury Department for failing to monitor funds going off shore.