5 Jul 2005

Solomon Islands National Council of Women embarks on awareness programme

3:47 pm on 5 July 2005

The Solomon Islands National Council of Women is embarking on a programme to educate women on why they need to vote in next year's general election.

Council officer, Sarah Dyer, says they weren't disappointed that the five women candidates in the recent Choiseul and Western provincial elections were unsuccessful but it does show the need for people to be aware of why they should vote.

She says for too long, women and the elderly in villages have left politics to the men along with the decision making.

Ms Dyer says 17 women have already indicated they will stand as candidates in the general election so the council is now sending out representatives to raise civic awareness.

"The first one will be out in one of the constituencies on Malaita. We are concentrating on where the women would be contesting, because, you know, depending on funding, we won't be able to cover the country."

Sarah Dyer says there are many women who could contribute to decision making at a national level and the council is doing all it can to ensure some are voted in.