4 Jul 2005

Bougainville enticing PNG companies to return to the once war-torn province

7:33 pm on 4 July 2005

Bougainville's economic taskforce believes companies within Papua New Guinea, that previously operated in the province, need to be encouraged to return.

The taskforce has the job of isolating what the new government needs to do to develop the economy.

Its publicity officer, Robert Atsir, says one of its immediate goals has to be increasing tax revenue through more thorough collection and by increasing business activity.

And he says the taskforce wants to grow the tax base by approaching PNG companies and asked them to return to Bougainville.

"Because they did generate a lot of business activity, provided employment and were able to play a lot of taxes. And the next level is to go outside of Papua New Guinea and invite companies from say Australia, New Zealand, Asia or wherever, And for this it will be more to do with major impact projects in say mining or fisheries."