30 Jun 2005

Solomon Islands government and Trade Unions start dialogue over NPF issues

8:29 pm on 30 June 2005

The Solomon Islands government has reopened talks with the Council of Trade Unions to address issues relating to the National Provident Fund.

The Principal policy advisor in the Public Service Department, David Tuhanuku, says the Council has agreed to extend its notice of strike action until July the 12th.

He says the two parties have begun meeting to work out an amicable process by which they can address the grievances raised by the Council.

"Although it is only two weeks, I am hopeful that we will be able to, if not resolve immediately all the issues raised by the trade union movement, we will be able to agree amicably on a process whereby both parties are satisfied that if we adopt whatever process we agree on we'll get both parties the better chances of reaching an amicable solution to the grievances raised by the trade union."

David Tuhanuku says the option to review the timetable of negotiations will remain open to both sides.