30 Jun 2005

Fiji opposition senator tables document on Bale's role to help coup convicts

8:30 pm on 30 June 2005

An opposition senator in Fiji says she has tabled a document in parliament which shows the Attorney General advised the government on how to broker deals to get coup perpetrators out of jail.

Dr Atu Emberson-Bain is to appear before parliament's privileges committee after lodging a complaint against Qoriniasi Bale last December for allegedly making derogatory remarks about her in the Upper House.

Dr Emberson-Bain says she had asked Mr Bale about his part in the early release of the former Vice President under a Compulsory Supervision Order.

She says she had asked him if there was a conflict of interest with him being both the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice.

"As Minister for Justice he had been responsible for approving the CSO. I had been given a document that showed very clearly there had been political advice he'd given to the government over how to get various government-connected prisoners out of jail. He had used the word deal, how to broker a deal."

Dr Emberson-Bain says she had asked him whether he was going to consider resigning.

Senator Ratu George Cakobau and the Senate president, Taito Wagavakatoga, are also the subject of complaints by Dr Emberson-Bain, backed by five Labour members of the Senate.

The committee was to have sat today but this has been postponed until August.