29 Jun 2005

American Samoa well on way to being ready for 2008 Festival

8:49 pm on 29 June 2005

A Pacific Community Cultural affairs advisor has praised the preparatory work that American Samoa has done for the Festival of Pacific Arts in 2008.

Rhonda Griffiths has spent a week in the territroy, during which she has met with officials and inspected facilities and accomodations.

She says American Samoa has made great progress with the governor's appointment of the taskforce and the festival director.

Ms Griffiths says the fact that a secratariat has been established already shows that the territory is well-prepared.

"I've been very impressed with the facilities that are already here. Many of the facilities that were here for the mini-games, we can use again and take advantage of those. Having been here for the past week, one of the things that has most impressed me is the hospitality of the people. I think that that will be what makes this festival very positive and the sense of community and everyone pulling together, that's where this festival has its strength."

Pacific Community Cultural affairs advisor, Rhonda Griffiths.