29 Jun 2005

Chinese business community in Vanuatu still worried about security

4:52 pm on 29 June 2005

Chinese business operators in Vanuatu may close their businesses in order to put pressure on the government to protect them after a well known local trader was killed.

Fang Xiao Wen died and his sister Fang Xiao Lan suffered severe injuries in an attack three weeks ago.

Police are still interviewing Fang Xiao Lan, who is still recovering in intensive care at an Australian hospital.

Four suspects are in police custody and are due to next appear in court on Friday.

Our Port Vila correspondent, Len Garae, says the Chinese community remains highly concerned.

"They are furious, the Chinese community here, over the killing. In fact, there are talks they might even protest to the government by closing their shops for a while. But if they went ahead with that, there would be real chaos here as the chinese while they are very quiet and a tight community, they are the backbone of commerce."

Len Garae.