28 Jun 2005

Some American Samoan workers to receive 5% pay rise

10:18 am on 28 June 2005

Some American Samoan workers are to receive a pay rise

A Special industry Committee has recommended 5% increases to the minimum wage for government employees and four other industries but has voted to freeze the current wage rate of cannery workers.

A Department of Labor official Michel Smyth said the committee recommended that the minimum hourly wage for government employees be increased 5% over the next two years with the first hike going into effect October 1 of this year, from $2.77 to $2.84 and to $2.91 on October 1st of next year.

The four other areas which will get 5% hikes over the next two years, are ship maintenance, hotels, tour and travel workers, and miscellaneous industries.

All other industries covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act will retain their current wages.