20 Jun 2005

Forum hopes to talk with donors about assistance for Nauru within three months

8:38 pm on 20 June 2005

The Pacific Islands Forum is still unsure what more help it can provide Nauru.

The economically troubled country sought Forum help a year ago and planners have been sent in, while Australia has also given substantial bureaucratic and police assistance.

The plight of Nauru was on the minds of the region's security officials when they met in Auckland last week, but the Forum's Secretary General, Greg Urwin, says they still need to know the exact state of Nauru's affairs.

And he says the Forum is working in conjunction with the Nauru government to develop a national strategy, and hopefully to then bring Pacific aid donors together within three months.

"To see what role those donors might be prepared to play, supplementing what is already going in terms of what Australia is doing of course and the things that the Forum and the other regional organisations are (already) doing."