20 Jun 2005

Solomon Islands looks to save money by creating USP campus in Honiara

7:44 pm on 20 June 2005

The Solomon Islands Education Minister says creating a University of the South Pacific campus in Honiara would save the country money.

Negotiations between the government and the USP council have begun and a decision on whether or not Solomon Islands could have its own campus should be made at its meeting in Suva in August.

Solomon Islands students make up the largest portion of non-Fijians at the USP's main campus in Suva.

Snyder Rini says it would be cheaper to have Solomon Islanders attend a local campus.

"We've already had a discussion with the USP. The first feasibility study has been done last year. And I'll be meeting with the vice-chancellor and also the chairman of the council next month towards further consultation on establishment of the campus."

The Solomon Islands Education minister Snyder Rini.