20 Jun 2005

Review planned of Marshalls water restrictions

1:24 pm on 20 June 2005

There is to be a review of the water restrictions currently in place in the Marshall Islands capital of Majuro.

The manager of the Majuro Water and Sewer company, Terry Mellan, says they've had little rain for the last month and a half which led to them reducing the hours that water was available to households.

Water is currently only pumped through on a Monday and a Friday at set times, rather than the three times a week it's normally on.

Mr Mellan says the restrictions were put in place when levels at the reservoir became very low.

"The water level was 14 million. During the weekend we received a little rain and right now we're up to 18 million gallons. We're trying to increase our water levels to 20 million, and get it back to our regular water hours."

Terry Mellan says the company will look at lifting the restrictions if the rain continues to fall this week.