20 Jun 2005

Solomons health secretary wants tighter controls on anti-malaria drug

7:13 pm on 20 June 2005

The Undersecretary of Health-Care in Solomon Islands says the Government should look at placing tighter controls around the anti-malaria drug Chloroquine.

Dr George Malefoasi says there have been many cases of peope misusing the drugs with serious consequences.

Dr Malefoasi says because malaria is a high-risk disease in the Solomons, Chloroquine has been distributed almost without any safeguards.

He says there may be a need to restrict access to the drug and to place warnings on labels.

"It's widely available and this is one of the issues that the minister is concerned of as well and we are trying to revise the treatment protocol and the packaging to ensure that only the right amount of tablets goes to the patient or those who need it."

The undersecretary of health-care in Solomon Islands, Dr George Malefoasi.