14 Jun 2005

Concern in Vanuatu that government confronted by new no confidence motion

7:22 pm on 14 June 2005

A planned vote of no confidence in the Vanuatu government was withdrawn on this afternoon, but there is concern at the frequency of such attempts to unseat the government.

The former Prime Minister, Serge Vohor, brought the motion alleging the six-month-old Ham Lini government did not have sufficient control on law and order.

The accusations had followed the killing of a Chinese businessman in an assault that also left his sister seriously injured.

The office of the Prime Minister was always confident the motion would fail, but said it was happy for it to be debated as part of the democratic process.

But our correspondent in Port Vila, Len Garae, says it appears the people of Vanuatu want the cycle to stop:

"People are fed up, they're tired of having government after government come into power and be voted out not long after they have been put into power."

Our correspondent in Port Vila, Len Garae