14 Jun 2005

Palau still to decide which side it will support in whaling debate

9:18 pm on 14 June 2005

Palau says its vote on whether to lift the ban on commercial whaling by Japan will depend on scientific evidence.

Palau, a member of the International Whaling Commission since 2002, is expected to vote next week on whether Japan can increase the number of minke whales it can kill a year and resume hunting other species.

A 75-percent majority is needed at the IWC international meeting to end the ban.

Betsy Greenberg is the legal counsel to the President of Palau.

"As far as Palau's concerned, until there's sufficient scientific evidence to show sustainable whaling in the Pacific is not possible, then it's not going to continue to support a moratorium unless there's additional information and scientific research to support that."

The President of Palau's legal counsel, Betsy Greenberg.

The main session of the IWC will take place in South Korea from June the 20th to the 24th.