14 Jun 2005

Fiji NGO to ask committee to withdraw Reconciliation bill

2:30 pm on 14 June 2005

Fiji's Citizens Constitutional Forum says it will present a submission to the parliamentary committee reviewing the government's Reconciliation and Unity bill to ask that it be withdrawn.

The CCF's Jone Dakuvula says they've sought legal advice which shows that the bill contravenes the constitution in three areas.

He says there is too much wrong with the bill for amendments to be made to it.

Mr Dakuvula says they oppose the section which allows the overthrow of a government on political objectives and amnesty provisions which could see coup offenders go free from prison.

"We would just like to point out to them what's wrong with the bill, particularly in terms of conflict with the constitution. And, we'll just ask that they withdraw it because we believe national reconciliation can be achieved with legislation."

Jone Dakuvula.