13 Jun 2005

Solomon Islands government looks to sell government-owned companies

8:33 pm on 13 June 2005

The sale of government-owned companies and state-owned enterprises in Solomon Islands may take some time.

John Maneniaru, the general manager of the Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands, says work on the privatisation process, which has been announced by the government, is underway.

He says it includes the possible sale of the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority and the Water Authority as well as portfolio companies like Solomon Airlines, S.I. Printry Ltd and Sasape Marina, as well as ones in forestry and telecommunications.

Mr Maneniaru says they are hopeful that by the end of the year, some of the government-owned companies and enterprises will be ready for sale.

"Some of the companies - their current status is not known, like their audited financial statements have not been produced for the last three years. And, so we need the experts in that area to actually help us update the accounts so that we know really what's really the current value of those companies."

Mr Maneniaru says audits are underway at Solomon Airlines and two other portfolio companies.