10 Jun 2005

Vanuatu government may face no confidence vote

2:53 pm on 10 June 2005

The 11 party coalition Vanuatu government, led by the prime minister, Ham Lini, is likely to face a vote of no confidence next week.

The motion for such a vote has been brought by the opposition leader, Serge Vohor, who was deposed as Prime Minister late last year after he caused rifts by seeking ties with Taiwan against the wishes of most of his ministers.

Mr Vohor says Mr Lini has to go because he lacks the skills to keep the country together.

But our correspondent, Len Garae, says the challenge is expected to fail because Mr Lini is widely regarded as doing a good job, including from parties such as Barak Sope's Melanesian Progressive Party.

"The secretary general of the MPP, Jeffrey Lauha, made it clear that they as a party have no intention of joining the opposition to try and oust the Prime Minister, saying that the country has experienced enough instability as it is, and that they cannot put any more burden on the government. That they intend standing by the government until the end of its term."