8 Jun 2005

Fiji Trades Union Congress to take part in march against Reconciliation bill

3:28 pm on 8 June 2005

The Fiji Trades Union Congress is labelling the work of the Justice, Law and Order committee a farce and is refusing to make a submission to it over the controversial Reconciliation bill.

The FTUC's general secretary, Felix Anthony, says they're opposed to the government bill because it undermines the rule of law, and the judiciary, in proposing to free convicted coup offenders, and allow the overthrow of a government on political grounds.

Mr Anthony says they won't make a presentation to the committee considering the bill because it's given the public only one week to be able to make written submissions.

And, he says there's a requirement to keep those secret unless the committee allows the submission to be made public.

Mr Anthony says instead, the FTUC will be taking part in a national march against the bill next month and it is also urging the public to make itself heard to the government.

"We have been working very closely with the NGOs and we're organising a petition, through an insert in the local newspaper this weekend to allow individuals to write in to government to oppose the bill. We want people to have their say in this process."

The FTUC's general secretary, Felix Anthony.