7 Jun 2005

PNG Government says it flew a lawyer to Bougainville last week to defuse tensions during poll

8:17 pm on 7 June 2005

The Papua New Guinea Government plane was sent to Bougainville last week to defuse mounting tension between the then two leading presidential candidates' supporters.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that that is the explanation from the Prime Minister's lawyer, Sumasy Singin, following concerns about the plane flying into to Buka during the poll which finished last week.

Mr Singin said he had been sent to Buka, amid the growing tension, to advise the National Alliance presidential hopeful John Momis that he had another avenue - the National Court - if he was concerned about the results.

He said his mission was to advise that Mr Momis had not been abandoned by the National Alliance, which is headed by Sir Michael.

The arrival of the plane at a time when the now president-elect Joseph Kabui was extending his lead over Mr Momis had caused a fair bit of tongue-wagging in Bougainville.