7 Jun 2005

Vanuatu's ombudsman backs controls on people with convictions

8:10 pm on 7 June 2005

Vanuatu's ombudsman, Peter Taurakoto, says he supports the proposed amendment to the law on freedom of movement, but warns it would take some time to implement.

He says a change to the constitution would give chiefs more power to keep people with criminal records out of urban centres by ensuring that they stay in their island villages.

Mr Taurakoto says an increase in violent attacks has sparked the call for a law change.

"We have asked the Prime Minister to amend the constitution because there have been a lot of brutal killings, where we've seen a large number of expatriates butchered by local people, and we're very sad about this cos its not within Melanesian nature to see people butchered in this way."

Vanuatu's ombudsman, Peter Taurakoto,