6 Jun 2005

Death of Chinese businessman in Vanuatu shocks local Chinese

9:05 pm on 6 June 2005

The Chinese ambassador to Vanuatu says the fatal attack on the family of a Port Vila businessman has left local Chinese shocked and afraid.

Chinese trader Fang Xiao was killed last week, and his sister needed medical treatment in Australia after the attack.

The incident follows the unsolved killings of a Chinese couple last year.

The ambassador Bao Shusheng says the Chinese community has expressed concern for its safety.

"The Chinese community in this country is very angry with this, and they were shocked at these atrocities here by the criminals here. Actually this is an individual case."

Bao Shusheng says he's asked the government to work with the police to protect people and bring the criminals to justice.

He says the attacks will not affect trade relations between Vanuatu and China.