1 Jun 2005

Inter-Samoa talks seek improved travel procedures

1:21 pm on 1 June 2005

Governor Togiola Tulafono of American Samoa says he respects Samoa's decision to establish a permit requirement for American Samoans.

Leading a delegation of more than 30 to the inter-Samoa talks at Samoa's Sinalei resort, the governor said despite what is said in the papers, most American Samoans that call his weekly radio programme say they have no problem with Samoa's new travel conditions.

The governor says he believes the negative reaction comes from a very minute number of people and is not indicative of the territory's general opinion.

The governor says American Samoa will not change its current immigration laws that apply to visitors from Samoa.

He said what the two governments are trying to do is to make the issuing of permits more efficient and with very little hassle for travellers.

Samoa revealed yesterday that it is currently considering multiple visit permits for American Samoans to facilitate business travel.

The governor added that he supports Samoa's intentions to set up a consulate office in the territory.

He said it's a positive move to enable more efficient travel and he personally supports it.

The two delegations were to meet again today to review a communiqué and press statement that a select committee was putting together.