31 May 2005

Future of direct flights to Niue to be revealed soon

7:41 pm on 31 May 2005

Niue should know at the end of June whether direct flights from Auckland will continue under the new Samoa based joint venture, Polynesian Blue.

It's planned that new flight schedules will be released at that time.

The Chief Executive of Pacific Blue, Tony Marks, says all the services currently run by Polynesian airlines are being carefully reconsidered:

"IN:.....The principal objective of the joint venture is for the government of Samoa and indeed Virgin Blue to make money from the services, something the Samoans have not been able to achieve over the last few years, so therefore everything comes under a degree to scrutiny relative to the economics surrounding it."

Niue's Premier, Young Vivian is hoping an agreement with Polynesian to provide direct flights will continue.

But Mr Marks says his understanding is that a new joint venture won't neccessarily be bound by earlier deals, although such routes may still continue.