25 May 2005

Pacific community says online database system meets international requirements

4:01 pm on 25 May 2005

The Pacific Community says a new online database system giving information on regional pests meets international requirements necessary for trade negotiations.

Emil Adams, at its Fiji-based secretariat, says the online database allows Pacific island trading partners to share pest list information as a first step to trade negotiations.

He says it had been requested by regional Agricultural ministers who were keen to advance the regional trade in commodities.

But, Mr Adams says it will also promote external trade.

"It's a requirement also by international agreements that we need to produce pest lists if we are going to go into negotiate in trade and the trade of island produce. So, it's required by the IPPC and the WTO and these international agreements. It's a necessary tool that has to be in place."

Emil Adams from the Pacific Community secretariat in Fiji.