24 May 2005

Vanuatu Police Commissioner doubtful security firm is enticing members

9:15 pm on 24 May 2005

Vanuatu's acting Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton says the government has an opportunity to consider improving the condition of service for members of the force.

He says recent reports of efforts by a private security firm to entice Vanuatu Force members highlight the need for government and revelant authorities to address this threat to the country's police.

Earlier this month the Port Vila Presse reported that the majority of Vanuatu Force members were applying to join a private security firm, jointly run by ni-Vanuatu ex-force member Michael Taun and two Australians.

However Mr Caulton says he has still not received any resignations by members, despite reports of an imminent mass exodus.

"So I have discussed the matter with the Minister responsible for Police, and the minister also stated that if this scheme is genuine enough it will attract a lot of serving members. So far I think it's still quite in the dark that most people would join up."

Vanuatu's acting Police Commissioner Arthur Caulton