24 May 2005

American Samoa's juvenile detention centre gets spruce up

3:37 pm on 24 May 2005

The Department of Public Safety in American Samoa is acting to comply with demands from the Chief Justice to improve conditions at the territory's juvenile detention centre.

This follows an unannounced visit to the centre by the chief justice, Michael Kruse, who found juvenile inmates were sleeping on pieces of cardboard and mats, and that the facility was unsanitary without even basic supplies like toilet rolls.

Mr Kruse warned the department that somebody from it would end up behind bars if improvements to the detention centre weren't made.

Our correspondent, Monica Miller, says as a result, walls were washed down and the facility is being repainted but there are concerns over funding for basic supplies.

"The acting commissioner was saying that he is having to go out and see where they can get the money to buy beds for example. So, I believe that the department of public safety will come up with the funds from somewhere to carry out the orders of the chief justice."

Monica Miller says the department has been given until June 20th to make improvements.