18 May 2005

Unknown Solomons separatist group makes fresh demands

3:43 pm on 18 May 2005

A group calling itself the Malaita Separatist Movement has delivered a document to the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation setting out a series of demands.

The broadcaster says the eight page document calls for the resignation of Malaita Premier Reuben Moli and national Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The groups leader, who is identified as "A T Ramo" says Mr Moli has failed to represent the interests of all Malaitans and Sir Allan is an obstacle to peace in the country.

A T Ramo also says the group has no quarrel with RAMSI but hates the Australian contingent, which he accuses of lacking respect for Solomons traditions and the constitutional and democratic rights of Solomon Islanders.

The SIBC says the document also promises that the public will be informed of the Movement's next move on May 20th , the date of the expiry of its twelve day demand that the prime minister step down.