14 May 2005

Fiji's coup front man Speight 'delighted' with Reconciliation and Unity Bill

7:13 am on 14 May 2005

The Fiji coup front man, George Speight, is reported to be delighted with the Qarase government's Reconciliation and Unity Bill.

The Fiji Times reports that this has been revealed by the lands minister, Samisoni Tikonisau.

Mr Tikonisau briefed his brother - Speight - as well as his fellow coup accomplices, Timoci Silatolu and Josefa Nata, on Nukulau Island where they are jailed for treason.

Mr Tikonisau has told 3,000 supporters of his pro-coup Conservative Alliance party that all three prisoners are very happy with the Bill.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Times also reports that details of the proposed legislation reveal that in dealing with applications for amnesty, the Reconciliation Commission will give priority to persons in custody.

It also reveals that in hearing a person's application for amnesty, the Commission may ask a court to suspend any pending proceedings against the claimant until the application has been dealt with.