13 May 2005

Youth delegate justifies expense of development summit

3:24 pm on 13 May 2005

A delegate at a regional youth summit has justified the 50,000 US dollar expense of holding meeting.

The assistant director of the United Nations Development Programme in Samoa, Moana Luamanuvae, says 50,000 US dollars is an approximate amount for the budget.

More than 70 young people from Pacific states are meeting in Samoa this week to determine how their respective countries can meet the Millennium Development Goals on cutting poverty, hunger and illiteracy.

The conference resource facilitator, the Fiji student, Inoke Bainimarama, says the summit's the best way to get young people involved.

"Young people have come representing national youth organisations, some young people have come from line ministries, like national planning... part of government's commitment to this Millennium Declaration, that young people need to be engaged."

Organisers hope the delegates will come away from the summit with a declaration showing their common resolve to tackle the problems facing their peers.

The summit members have been asked to make a contribution to the Forum Pacific Plan, on behalf of Pacific youth.