7 May 2005

Fiji's Reconciliation and Unity Commission has 18 months to do the job

7:08 am on 7 May 2005

The Fiji government's Reconciliation and Unity Commission will have 18 months to pardon the wrongs of those who took part in the coup and award compensation to its victims.

Radio Legend quotes the attorney general, Qoriniasi Bale, as saying the Commission will revisit the events which unfolded in the months after the coup.

Mr Bale says once the legislation to set up the Commission is passed, those wishing to seek the favours of it will be required to do so within three months.

The Commission will have a further 15 months to complete hearings and make recommendations for pardons and the eligibility of coup victims for compensation.

Mr Bale stresses that the only people who would be eligible for a pardon would be those whose offences during the coup are deemed to have been politically motivated.