6 May 2005

Fiji's National Alliance dismissive of government reconciliation plan

1:44 pm on 6 May 2005

The National Alliance Party of Fiji says the Qarase government's proposed Reconciliation and Unity Commission is an insult to the intelligence of ordinary people.

The party's leader, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says this is so because of the prime minister Laisenia Qarase's claim that the legislation is justified on the grounds that politically motivated violations of the law are permissible.

Ratu Epeli says the publicly proclaimed intention to bring a closure to investigation and litigation regarding the 2000 coup is severe political interference in the work of law enforcement.

Ratu Epeli says the proposed commission represents a naïve and uncaring attitude toward the hurt suffered by many during the 2000 coup.

As well, it is a bid by the government to stay in power by the manipulation and exploitation of Fijian culture.