2 May 2005

Former Niue high commissioner to New Zealand elected to parliament

3:23 pm on 2 May 2005

The former Niue High Commissioner to New Zealand says he has his sights set on helping the island achieve two main goals after being elected into the House at the weekend.

Hima Takelesi returned to Niue this year after serving as High Commissioner in Wellington for the past four years.

Mr Takelesi says the public service needs to be streamlined, to become smaller but efficent and well-paid.

He also says the country also needs to make progress in the private sector after encouraging signs in fishing and noni production.

"The past 30-odd years, well since self-government anyway, we have paid lip service to developing the private sector but I think the crunch is now. We need to pay more than just lip service."

Hima Takelesi.

Meanwhile provisional results indicate the Finance Minister, Toke Talagi, has missed out on a common roll seat by two votes.

However Mr Talagi is expected to call for a recount.