28 Apr 2005

Niue's Premier says voters content - little change likely in Fono after this weekend's poll

8:11 pm on 28 April 2005

The Premier of Niue, Young Vivian, says there will be little change in this weekend's election because the people are content.

Mr Vivian, one of seven of the 20 MPs returned unopposed, says he wants another three years as Premier, so he can complete the work of developing an economic base for Niue following cyclone Heta.

He says the people are busy rebuilding houses and working in the industries his government has been trying to establish, such as nonu and vanilla farming, tourism and fishing.

"Those things are set in place and the hospital, that has always been in the news, but we are setting the hospital up.But the people are satisfied with what they have at the present moment."

But long time Opposition MP, Terry Coe, says the economic development is not as bright as Young Vivian suggests.

There's plenty of work going on now with the building of the hospital and the industrial park, but as soon as those are finished, I don't think there is much on.

Mr Coe says the island's disintegrating roads are a particular concern for many.