28 Apr 2005

French Polynesia warned about discontent among the young

10:19 am on 28 April 2005

French Polynesia's Human Rights League says local politicians and the French state ignore a growing social discontent, especially among young people.

The League's Alain Bessalem, who resigned as president last week, says there is little support among the young for either of the veteran leaders, Oscar Temaru and Gaston Flosse.

Mr Bessalem says profound changes are taking places as the politics of rival clans is being rejected by the younger generation.

And he says amid the political turmoil of the past year France has taken control.

"The French state does what it wants in French Polynesia because it's the one that pays. If the French state is no longer there, there is no money. If there is no money, there is no work, if there is no work there is nothing to eat, there is not even an economy left."

Alain Bessalem