26 Apr 2005

No fixed level of planned redundancies, says Telecom Fiji chairman

1:01 pm on 26 April 2005

The chairman of Telecom Fiji Limited James Raman says they have not determined how many workers should be made redundant despite reports that the company wants to reduce its workforce by 700.

Earlier this month, Telecom workers were offered voluntary redundancy packages as part of a restructuring plan.

Given two weeks to accept the offer or not, the workers have called for the sacking of all expatriates and consultants.

The Fiji Times reports that Mr Raman says an extensive study was recently carried out with the participation of the workers to determine how the company could be made more efficient.

He says the study has found that there has to be some staff reductions, something that he says is acknowledged by everyone who works in Telecom.

The Fiji Post and Telecommunications Employees Association said last week it was considering industrial action to protect the workers.

The union says that Telecom Fiji has assured its workers and the union of no redundancy since its inception.