26 Apr 2005

Women are peacebuilders and must be in parliament, say Solomons campaigners

4:20 pm on 26 April 2005

The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says women have played a central role in restoring peace and deserve representation in parliament again.

The leadership desk at the council is spearheading an education programme to get women to run for parliament, and to get both men and women to vote for them.

The head of the leadership desk, Sarah Dyer, says through negotiations, women took the lead in bringing peace back to the capital, Honiara.

"Women. Went out of their own way to talk to the militants. Went out to the bunkers all around the city here. Where men couldn't go. Where our leaders couldn't go. And I think women really contributed to the bringing back of peace. And the stability of this country... it's very important that women continue to be part of that."

Mrs Dyer says any women MP would be more than capable of dealing with a parliament chamber likely to dominated by men.